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Attempted Denial-of-Service Attack

Christopher and I are playing bachelor this weekend. Today we decided to go toy and tech shopping in Hamburg. We drove to the Park-and-Ride in Harburg and took the S-Bahn downtown.

When we returned to drive home, the lock in the drivers' side door was stuck and would only partially turn. The passenger side lock was completely jammed and I could not insert the key. My first thought was that my key was damaged. I was able to open the back hatch, however, so Christopher could climb in and open the doors from the inside. The ignition also switched on with no problems.

When we got home I tried my spare key with the same results. I can only conclude that a "friendly" passerby in the parking ramp decided it would be fun to jam the door locks on a certain VW Lupo.

I think I still prefer a proper lock with a physical key to the electronic key for MamaMaus' Audi. One time last month she came back in the house after she started her car, and left her key in the kitchen. She was able to drive off, but was then unable to start the car again when she wanted to come home. Good thing she was only at the grocery store, and not some far-away city.

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