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Irritable and Distracted

Sorry for the lack of subtance here lately. (Actually, that's just a phrase. I'm not really sorry at all.) There are a couple of explanations.

  • I'm irritable. I'm losing weight (again). I can lose weight like other people can stop smoking. It's so easy, I've done it dozens of times. However, this time I've just finished a huge bout of negative motivation, and there's no way I ever want to go through that again. Hopefully that's what it will take to make it stick. But in the meantime I'm grumpy.
  • I'm distracted. There's something very huge and very good that's going to happen this year that's going to mean big changes for all of us in the PapaScott household. But I can't talk about it yet, except to say that it in no way involves childbirth.

Update 27 Mar 2007: I made this post private after the first four comments. Not that any of them were close to guessing the secret, but anyone who knew us personally would have immediately known what the "big change" was. The secret will be released today, so I've made the post public again.

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