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Redubbing Cartoons

Here's a crazy and fun way to waste cycles on your MacBook... redub cartoons with your kids! We have a bunch of Lilo and Stitch episodes on our HD recorder, and after second or third time Christopher starts saying the lines along with the TV. "If this keeps up we can just turn off the sound and let you say everything," I told him. And then I remembered that iMovie has a redub function.

We're not using any equipment, just a plain headset plugged into the MacBook, but we're doing this just for fun. I've never done any kind of audio or video work before, so it's kind of tedious to blend the tracks in and out. And Christopher is very fussy with himself. It took us an hour to record two 10 second bits for one character. I'm sure there are some tricks to yet to learn about editing quickly or compressing the bits to fit an exact time frame (maybe in GarageBand?).

But we're both having a blast, and maybe in a week or two we'll have the scene ready and we can watch (or at least listen to) ourselves for a couple of minutes on the big screen.

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