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Bricks and Mortar

Some big changes are coming to the PapaScott household.

After 23 years with McDonald's, 16 years in Germany, MamaMaus will be leaving McDonald's Deutschland Inc. She has been Regional Manager for Northern Germany since 2001.

This summer, she will fulfill her long-time dream and become a McDonald's licensee. She will be given the opportunity to purchase an existing restaurant here in northern Germany.

The best part is that we both will be able to run the business together. We will see and work with each other every day. After the past couple of years of frequent business trips, that will be a welcome change. That means I will be leaving my job at MediaVentures this summer.

In the next few weeks we will be arranging a few details like founding the business, signing the franchise contract, and arranging the financing of several hundred thousand Euros (our banker is very friendly to us at the moment). In May MamaMaus begins in-restaurant training (as if she has very much to learn). When all goes according to plan, two months later we will be in business.

So much for a McJob being "unstimulating" with "few prospects". Our prospects are looking better than ever!

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