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Hamburg Sunny Day

Despite the excitement of our upcoming business venture, we still have our usual everyday events. Right now Christopher has two weeks off school for Easter vacation, and I've taken the time off work. MamaMaus works this week, but we'll all three be taking off to Oslo and Denmark for a few days next week.

Today Christopher and I took advantage of the sunny weather to head to Hamburg. After hitting the Lego store, we headed to the harbor for the cheapest harbor tour in town... the HADAG commuter ferry, all you need is a HVV subway ticket.

IMG 1910

We then went to the springtime Hamburger Dom, Hamburg's carnival midway. If you've been to Oktoberfest, imagine the Wies'n without the obnoxious beer tents (however difficult that may be). Today was even family day, so every stand had special prices.

IMG 1917

This is Christopher atop the fun house.

IMG 1921

This is how he landed.

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