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GmbH und Co KG


We have a name. And a sign. McDonald's doesn't want franchisees to use 'Mc' or any trademarks or product names when naming their companies, so fun names like 'McMaus' are out. So we've gone for something boring and practical. And yes, we know the sign has typos. It's just a first draft.

Meanwhile MamaMaus has visited a consultant and a bookkeeping service (husband and wife, actually), has been to two banks and the local *Wirtschaftsf├Ârderung* (business development) office, and has appointments next week with a lawyer and a tax advisor. Meanwhile she's still working on showing her successor around the region, taking day trips to places like Kiel, G├Âttingen, Braunschweig and Oldenburg. The handover will take another 3 weeks or so.

We're still waiting for a franchise contract and a concrete purchase price. MamaMaus has negotiated such sales in the past, though, so we have a good a idea how much it will be. And we've got our first bit of capital sitting liquid in a cash management account.

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