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Back to Back

In case you're wondering about my back (my last real update was in February), things are going pretty well. I've been pain-free since the beginning of March, although I do feel some tension or tiredness in my lower back from time to time. I've been going to a physiotherapist (my next-door neighbor), and she's been teaching me the basics... how to sit, how to stand, last week I tried walking.

Dr Wolff Back Training Last week I started a 8-week training course at a local fitness studio. They have a set of machines from Dr. Wolff to train the upper and lower back. The cost is covered by health insurance, and since we are supposed to work out on our own between sessions, it works out like a trial membership.

The best part is that since the initial injection at the beginning of January, I've taken absolutely no pain medication. I no longer have the TENS device (it was more a nuisance than a help), and I'm not taking any more chiropractic treatments.

My therapist (er, my neighbor) would like me to ergonomically optimize my workplace. Since I'm about to switch jobs, I'm not sure where my new workplace is going to be. I guess I'll have to work that out with my new boss.

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