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Fetch, Doggie, Fetch!

Cem passed on this questionaire to me. For some reason, in German these questionaires are called a St├Âckchen, a stick you throw for a dog to fetch. So I'm obediently picking up the stick...

Do you use social bookmarking/networking sites like Digg, Yigg, Mister Wong or Del.Icio.Us? I use, but not regularly. It's much easier to share links on Google Reader.

Do you watch videos at portals like YouTube, Sevenload or DailyMotion an? Not really, I find the written word more interesting than moving pictures.

Do you know of or use Flickr? I use Flickr only as an image store. I don't use any of the social features.

What do you think of services like Twitter or Frazr? I don't know yet. I've tried Twitter, but I don't get it.

How many RSS feeds do you subscribe to? 322 at the moment.

Do you read them all daily? No. I have my feeds grouped by priority, some to read immediately, some to read daily, and some to check when I have the chance.

How many blogs do you write for (own or as co-author)? Only one. I've tried starting a second blog for non-personal topics, but found it too schizophrenic.

Do you comment in other blogs? Not as often as I would like.

Who is your personal “Blog King of Germany”? I didn't know we had a king. I thought we were an autonomous collective. (source)

Do you think weblogs belong to the futures, or are they just a temporary hype? I've been "blogging" in one form or another since I was 16 years old. Back then I used a typewriter and a mimeograph, now I use the internet. It's just a medium.

Will you blog be a part of that future? I will be writing in some form or another.

Are we alone in the Universe? Does it matter? Knowing for sure one way or the other wouldn't change me or my life at all.

Who's next to answer these questions? Whoever is brave enough to try.

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