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Flash Slideshow with Captions

As a kind of wedding present for our former Tagesmutter, I helped her set up a web site to promote her child care business. However, I've kind of developed myself into a hole.

I set up the design using RapidWeaver, a nice website creation tool for OS X. I choose it mostly because there are some nice ready-made design templates available (I'm colorblind, and can't match colors to save my life) but also because I knew there was an add-in to enable Heidi to edit her site online.

However, we ended up deciding to use photo galleries instead of straight web pages, telling her story with pictures instead of words (for example, her Schwerpunkte page). RapidWeaver can produce static photo galleries, but they can't be edited with the online tool. And since she doesn't have a Mac, I can't simply install RapidWeaver for her. So now I'm stuck.

Yesterday I played with the slide show creator at [](, and it's almost what I want. It creates a Flash slideshow with captions (see my test slideshow with the Schwerpunkte photos). It's editable online, and it's quite easy to add pictures, change text, and rearrange the order. It would be nice to be have more control over the speed and text format, and I don't need links to the original pictures. Another possibility would be a Windows application so Heidi can create an maintain her slideshows locally. There are a number of free and commercial possibilities, but I haven't started exploring yet.

I'm thinking that an embedded Flash applet would be nice since then I can put the site into a mini-CMS like Wordpress, and I only have to design the main pages and not a separate gallery as well.

So I'll put the question to the audience. Do you have any ideas on how I can best include a set of pictures on a small commercial site that's easy to edit and maintain?

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