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Bring Her Back!

NN When someone as fervent as J├Ârg Kantel announces he is about to renounce his political party, it's worth the time to read his reasons (English translation is mine):

In early March Berlin's Interior Senator Ehrhart K├Ârting (SPD) allowed a young women to be deported to Turkey who is not Turkish and does not speak Turkish. Nasima El-Zein grew up in Berlin, graduated from Realschule, helped foreign schoolchildren as a volunteer in the problem neighborhood of Neuk├Âlln, helped them with math and German. Who came up with the idea to deport this woman to a land where a violent father awaits to lock her up and send her to a forced marriage? Today the Berliner Zeitung wrote that the Kurdish woman has been pressured by the Turkish police, and threatened with violence. I think not only the behavior of the Turkish authorities, but also that of Berlin's Interior Senator, to be a scandal. One can only suspect that because the police and the authorities are unable to handle a few wild Turkish-Lebanese families in Neuk├Âlln and Rudow, the so-called "bouncer mafia", that they are making an example of this young woman, making a scapegoat of someone who is integrated and cannot defend herself, deporting her to Turkey simply to quiet public opinion.

These actions from Hr. K├Ârting are not only reprehensible, but also violate the principles of his party, the SPD, and human rights... As a party member, I will formally request the expulsion of Hr. K├Ârting from the party. And when the young woman has not returned to Berlin by the end of May 2007, I will take my party book, which documents over 35 years of membership in the SPD, and publicly burn it (i.e. a video will be posted here) and I will urge my fellow party members to do the same.

J├Ârg himself lives in Neuk├Âlln, so I'm sure he knows what he's talking about. I've heard of some wild deportation cases in Germany, but this seems to rank with the wildest of them.

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