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Shrek on a diet in McDonald's Happy Meal gig

Reuters, Shrek on a diet in McDonald's Happy Meal gig:

On Tuesday, McDonald's and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., the studio behind the upcoming "Shrek the Third" movie, unveiled a promotion in which Shrek, Donkey and other characters from the animated film will be used to sell Happy Meals and other McDonald's food.

But unlike previous movie tie-ins, McDonald's will use Shrek to feature its salads, milk, apple slices and other products ... A Happy Meal with Apple Dippers, all-white-meat chicken McNuggets, and low-fat milk will be featured in television commercials and on posters in McDonald's restaurants. Shrek will also appear on packaging for the milk and apples.

While the apples, milk, salads and other featured products have been on McDonald's menu for more than a year, Chief Marketing Officer Mary Dillon said the company still had "opportunities to drive awareness both with parents and kids about these offerings."

Good! It's one thing to add healthy products to the menu, it's another thing to actually put marketing money behind them.

Cynics might say that McDonald's is only responding to "mounting criticism its food was not only unhealthy, but also contributing to the increase in overweight kids in the United States". I would say that McDonald's is responding to consumer demand, which I guess amounts to the same thing.

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