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Our plans for taking over the restaurant on 1 July are slowing becoming concrete.

  • MamaMaus' last day of work at the office is Monday. On Tuesday she begins in-store training (at a company restaurant, not our future location). Her employment officially ends on 30 June.
  • The papers for the GmbH will be signed on Wednesday. The tax advisor says we don't need the 'Co KG', so we're skipping it.

  • Written notice of the change in ownership will be posted at the restaurant on Monday, and a formal employee meeting is scheduled a week later. At that point I can say here where we will be located (but if you ask me by mail, I'll tell you).

  • The franchise contract (over 2 cm thick) arrived by courier yesterday, so we now have a final purchase price that can be signed and sent back.

Update 15 May 2007: MamaMaus was afraid the tone of this post would be misunderstood, so it's been edited to more accurately reflect our true feelings of giddiness and excitement.

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