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Now that official notice of the upcoming change in ownership has been posted in the restaurant, I am proud to announce that the first location of the Frauke Petersen-Hanson Systemgastronomie GmbH i.G. will be located at **Harburger Str. 19 in Dibbersen/Buchholz**, on the Autobahn A1 between Bremen and Hamburg. For us the restaurant is just 10 minutes drive from home.


The restaurant with McDrive was opened in 2003 and does not yet have a McCafé. It is located near a thriving commercial area with the furniture store Möbel Kraft and a new Obi home improvement store. A Famila supermarket and a MediaMarkt electronics store are planned for this year. We have every reason to expect satisfaction and success for years to come.

**Update:** MamaMaus has a soft spot for signage. This will be ours.


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