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Rocket Revisited

Just to follow up on our uncanny sense of timing in the stock market, 5 weeks after exercising a large (for us) number of McDonald's stock options at $46.45, today the stock is selling at over $52. I told you that would happen, it's your own fault if you missed out on the boom.

In other news, MamaMaus is giving up the first trappings of her life as a jet-set executive. She still has the car and the laptop with VPN access. The first thing she had to give back was the Blackberry.

Yesterday she was in her power suit at the notary and the bank to set up the GmbH. Today she was in a crew uniform working grill and fries on her first day of in-restaurant training (no, not in Dibbersen, at a company restaurant in Hamburg). Yes, her hands smell like ketchup and pickle juice, just like the good old days. Tomorrow she'll be in drive-thru. And, no, I can't get too haughty, my own re-training will begin in about 6 weeks. :-)

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