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"Homepage" is one of those Anglicisms that has snuck into German and means something slightly different than it does in English. It's not quite as obtuse as "handy", which in English isn't even a noun, but is a bit confusing nonetheless. A German "Homepage" refers to an entire website, and not just the start page as one might think.

Whatever... our business now has a homepage in both senses of the word, since right now it's only a single dummy page. But it's never too early to start building up Google juice. Check it out at

We've decided to start small with the site design. You might recognize it as the K2 template for WordPress. We've looked at a lot of local McDonald's sites (here and here are two examples). We considered using a professional design (especially considering that I'm "chromatically challenged"). However I do have a business partner with a good sense of taste and style and the communication skills to get those across, even to me. At this stage, it's more important for the site to be clear and current than to have a "flashy" design.

Using WordPress as a CMS also fits in our "less is more" strategy for non-essential expenses, particularly for IT. WordPress has enough features for a small site (particularly "pages" and being able to set a "front page"). Should we outgrow it, we can always scale up later (as opposed to investing time and money now on something too big for our needs).

Now we need to start working on content...

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