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Bolle took a trip for Pentecost

I've mentioned Pfingstsingen a few times here, when (separate) groups of boys and girls go house to house on Pentecost Sunday and sing, expecting sweets or some money in return. The tradition is kept alive here in Lüllau... while we've heard of young men bringing a Pfingstbaum in other towns, but nowhere else with kids.

Since Christopher is now in school, he gets to participate this year (in fact, he's an honorary door ringer... I think that's called the Pfingstbock or Pfingstpfost). They've practiced 4 or 5 times and today decorated a wagon where they can deposit their loot. They're also packing water pistols, in case they happen to cross paths with the girls' group.

He's also had to learn the song "Bolle reiste jüngst zu Pfingsten", an old children's song. I never paid much attention to the lyrics. It's in dialect, but I found a modern explanation. Let's just say that it would never pass the censors these days... child neglect, alcohol abuse, knife fights, domestic violence, and finally suicide. Tipper Gore would have field day.

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