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Hal remembers that 30 years ago this weekend:

The movie Star Wars (AKA: Star Wars: A New Hope) opened in theaters across the country and set the record for the largest grossing film to date. In my mind, which seldom accounts for much, there are only real three Star Wars movies called Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. None of them have the prefix “Star Wars:”.

He also has a link to the original review in the New York Times: ‘Star Wars’ A Trip to a Far Galaxy That’s Fun and Funny.

Christopher is, shall we say, intensely familiar with both trilogies and contributes most of his allowance money to Lego for their line of Star Wars sets.

As for me, Star Wars was my second favorite movie while in high school. The movie that most entertained and inspired me as teenager came out a year later... Animal House.

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