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T Minus 5 Weeks

Five weeks from yesterday we go officially into business. We're making continual progress... financing, staffing, and remodeling plans are on track, but not yet set. Today we looked at the newly remodeled restaurant in Bispingen with a "Gym and Fun", 30 sq. m indoor activity area with basketball hoop and padded obstacle course. Christopher was very impressed, and we'd love to have one too. We'll see what the architect (and the bank) have to say.

We've been trying to think of a title for me, someone who does a little of everything as needed, but is not the boss. Today we came up with "General Manager". Now I can finally order business cards. :-)

Frauke works nights this week with equipment maintenance and monthly reports on her training schedule. Hopefully Christopher won't wake us up at 6:45 like he did this morning.

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