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We Got The Money

We got the money... and the papers, both yesterday.

Our financing came through yesterday. The rate is pretty much the same as the first offer, but the small print is better (repayment begins later, less insurance required). Best of all, the extra funds for the Gym & Fun are included.

We also got the notarized documents for the GmbH yesterday, which means we can register as a business *(Gewerbe)* with the city and start acting like a business, for example, open a bank account and start paying bills with company funds instead of our own.

Unfortunately we've gotten some rejections from employees who don't want to continue with us when we take over, so we're going to be a little short staffed for the first month. We've already interviewed a trainee we'd like to hire, and we'd love to hire a couple of *Azubis* (apprentices... in Germany gastronomy is a recognized trade) to start in August. In the meantime Frauke and I will be spending a lot of time in the restaurant. She's pencilled herself in for 32 shifts in July.

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