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Fun Fun Fun

My wife's family decided a few years ago to combine all their birthday celebrations into 3 combined gatherings. All birthdays are pretty much clustered in November, February and May/June. So November we go to her older brother, in February to her younger brother, and in June they all come to us. That day is today, and we will have 14 guests in Chateau Lüllau.

We always plan an outdoor celebration, but our party is invariably on the coldest and wettest day of the summer. We're used to putting on sweaters and grilling in the carport. We may have better luck today... the temperature will be cool (18°C) rather than cold, and the showers will be scattered (rather than intense like the past couple of days). Since we have been occupied by other things the past few weeks, we didn't really start preparing until yesterday.

This year we have a new complication... Christopher came down with the stomach flu overnight, and is still feeling tough this morning. He's generally very healthy, he hasn't been sick for a year and a half. But now we have a child to comfort and extra loads of laundry along with the other preparations. It will be a long day... hopefully we can have *some* fun.

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