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100 Hours

We're now less than 100 hours away from owning a restaurant.

I worked 2 closing shifts over the weekend (until 5 and 3 am), then back at 11:30 on Monday (yes, DaveP, I have good shoes, from Ecco). Today I feel like I have transatlantic jet lag. But I know the layout of the store now and have met most of the crew.

I had forgotten it was Schutzenfest this weekend. After getting to bed at 5:30 Sunday morning, I was awakened at 7:30 by a marching band coming to honor the Ehrenk├Ânig next door.

We've been busy checking and copying personnel files for our accountant to make sure we're ready for our first payroll at the end of July. Frauke also has to write employment contracts for the two of us, since legally we will be employees of the GmbH.

Today we took an initial equipment walkthrough with representatives of McDonald's, noting the condition of all equipment from top (roof A/C units) to bottom, inside and out. It didn't rain much.

The GmbH still isn't legal. A paragraph in the papers had to be changed, and the court in Tostedt seems to be in no hurry to approve it.

Between the stress and the return to physical work, I've lost 4 kg the past two weeks.

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