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Ten Days In

Sorry for the relative silence here. Sixty-hour work weeks (40+ in the store plus office work at home) put a real crimp in your blogging. I can't really complain to my boss, though, she's working even more.

We're very happy with the first 10 days. We took over a wonderful crew and management team that is intelligent and motivated. We're investing our crew labor costs by increasing staffing on all shifts, and we're already seeing above-market sales increases. If you staff it, they will come.

We've been able to add 5 new employees to our crew of 39, but we need more (we're losing some crew when the new school year and apprenticeship terms start in August). And we need to start adding employees now for the sales increases we expect with McCafé in December.

On the personal side, what's new for us is that we need to coordinate our home life with Christopher. Once or twice a week we can bring him for a "shift" at the restaurant for an hour or two, but no more than that. Since I've worked home office the past 3 years, we have to readjust to the same problems all working parents face. For his part, Christopher has been very good about the sudden change in our routine. He's very excited about summer school vacation and our (his and mine) visit to Grandma and Grandpa in Minnesota in two weeks.

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