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Minus Five

After two weeks getting reacquainted with restaurant work, on Friday afternoon I had my first long shift alone, the mid-shift from 1 to 9 pm. Fridays are extra challenging since the dinner hours are (along with Sunday evenings) the busiest hours of the week, and the closing shift doesn't come in until 8:30 pm because of the longer hours on weekends. This particular Friday we had back luck with crew calling in sick. We actually had two people less for dinner rush than for the mid-afternoon.

Also on this particular Friday was the first school vacation weekend in Hamburg, Harley Days in Hamburg, and the first good weather in two weeks. Between 6 and 8 pm it was like getting rolled over with a steam roller. We literally had lines out the door, and I could only open 2 registers. The customers were patient and good natured, but we could have done a lot more business. Thanks to the good weather, most of them sat outside.

Good for us, most of our closers came early and punched in a quarter to eight. We then had 2 more registers, and could send 2 people to the lobby. Checking our hourly sales, we just missed our projection from 7 to 8 pm, but the PC said we had 4.5 too few crew. Considering that 4 people punched in at 7:45 pm, we were then at least five people short before they arrived. We had 9 plus me, we should have had 14.

Nico and Sibylle and family came in about 7:45 pm, just as things were starting to settle down. Other than the question "Is it always this full?" they seemed pleased with the service, and Frauke said that the picture Nico took of me "doesn't look all that bad" considering the previous two hours. Sibylle noted that the child seats don't have straps and it is too easy for an active toddler like Henri to crawl out. I'll pass that along to the boss. And maybe we can do a guided tour next time.

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