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Tostedt HRB 200842

It took over 8 weeks, but as of yesterday Frauke's GmbH is finally registered with the local court in Tostedt. (GmbH is short for Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, literally "company with limited liability", a form of incorporation common in Germany.)

Theoretically the formation of a GmbH takes only a week, but the papers returned twice (or was it three times) by the court to our notary for minor errors. We had become extremely annoyed by the entire process, and finally yesterday Frauke personally went to the court yesterday to finalize the process. We absolutely needed the HRB number now in order to register and get plates for her company car, which is being delivered today.

The lack of papers has also complicated our dealings with the bank and the Finanzamt (not only for our own taxes, but for VAT and withholding taxes from wages), and not least delayed the formal purchase contract for the restaurant. We finally be able to get all these affairs settled.

A GmbH is a matter of public record, so you can go to, search for Registernummer 200842 at Registergericht Tostedt, and see the details for yourself.

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