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Letter Home

Greetings from Lake Minnewaska! Whoever has the WiFi still has it turned on, so I have Internet as long as I sit outside.

The weather is pretty much perfect.... 85° and clear. Christopher gets a whole hide-a-bed to himself, so he likes that. It's Waterama weekend, so Glenwood is full. We found a swim mask and snorkel on special for $7, so Christopher can now explore the bottom of the lake. He found 6 golf balls at the end of the dock.... Grandma thinks an angry wife must have dumped them there. The hot water heater is burned out, so no hot showers until we can pick up a part on Monday.

Christopher wants to go to the indoor "swim park with the donuts" (i.e. waterslide with inner tubes) Alexandria, we'll try to wait until we have a rainy or a hot day. Turns out he packed only one pair of socks, so we might have to go back to Target to buy essential clothes (and a camera I'm looking at) while we're there. We have 3 baseball tickets for next Saturday afternoon (Twins and the Indians) for us and Uncle Steve, we'll have to make a special trip to the Cities for that.

Grandpa is doing well. He looks better than I had expected. I think Christopher was a good motivation for him to feel better.

Wish you were here! The espresso pot makes too much for one person alone. :-)

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