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Coming Home

While Christopher and I are both enjoying our time in Minnesota, we're both ready to fly home on Thursday. Two weeks is more than long enough for our family to split on two continents. And given all the flight delays this summer on US carriers, I'm glad we're taking Icelandair directly out of MSP.

The 35W bridge collapse continues to dominate both the local and the national news, even though there has been no real news from the site since the morning after the collapse. We left Minneapolis in 1989, and the stories coming out of the collapse have been interesting to see how the city has changed (the many immigrants among the victims)... and how it has stayed the same (the incredible willingness of total strangers to help). As DaveP says, one disturbing thing is how quickly the authorities took complete control of the surrounding area... until yesterday there was no place for the public to view the site for themselves.

We'll be heading to Minneapolis a day early so we can rest up before our flight. There's a water park near the Mall of America where we can deposit Christopher. Our suitcases are already full, so there's no room for goodies from the Lego or the Apple stores. That's probably a good thing.

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