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Vacation Over

Christopher and I arrived home yesterday after two weeks in Minnesota.

* I only gained two pounds after two weeks of American food and relative inactivity. I was thrilled to be able to buy size 36 pants from Lands End after years of wearing size 38.

* We managed to need only the same two suitcases for the flight back that we brought with us... one for toys (mostly Lego), one for everything else.

* Christopher seemed to think that vacation meant also a vacation from changing clothes... including underwear.

* I got to try out the new 20 inch iMac the day after they were announced. It's nice, but my boss would never let me buy one. :-)

* Flying Icelandair from Frankfurt to Minneapolis was as pleasant as expected (no frills, but easy stopover at Keflavik). We both were even able to sleep some. Making the connection in Frankfurt was somewhat problematic, though. I would say getting from Terminal 1A to 2E in Frankfurt through construction with full luggage and a 7 year old qualifies as a level of Hell in Dante's Inferno.

* Flying an overbooked and late Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Hamburg full of annoyed business people would also qualify.

* We didn't go anywhere near the 35W bridge while in the Twin Cities, but our flight flew right over with an excellent view from above.

* I get to work late shift tonight, just one day after flying in. I can't say I'm real excited about that, although with jet lag my personal clock is running late anyway. Frauke is taking the weekend off... her first days off since we took over in Dibbersen on July 1. I'll be working night shifts for the rest of Christopher's school vacation. That simplifies child care.

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