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Web 0.1

We haven't done as much as we've wanted with, the homepage for our restaurant, not yet anyway. For the past few weeks we just haven't had the time, since we've both been immersed full-time in day-to-day operations.

Frauke's been waiting for me to set up a form for customer feedback, and I finally have a page ready for Gästefeedback based on a similar form for McDonald's in Mering. I didn't really want to create a form from scratch, but after some searching I found the Secure Form Mailer Plugin For Wordpress that let me create an arbitrary form and insert it into a WordPress page. It's functional, but I need to optimize the layout and add some explanatory text. Our plan is then to print our URL on our receipts so our customers know we're on the web.

Texting is another hurdle. I don't feel comfortable writing text in German... not just out of concerns for spelling and grammar, but because my sentences would not be natural. I'm not sure if Frauke wants to take the time to write text herself, so I'm not sure what we'll end up doing. (Hmm, I just realized "texting" as a verb is a Germanism and not proper English, so maybe my English text is suspect as well.)

I can imagine our start page being a type of weblog with current events and promotions (something like the Big Mac Pulling entry I posted here). A homepage for us is a nice-to-have, certainly not a must-have. Our target audience live within 15 km of the restaurant, and there are other ways we can reach them. However, I can imagine various ways we can encourage people to check our homepage regularly, with online coupons perhaps, with an RSS feed or updates on Twitter. Once our McCafè is running (we're now waiting for the building permit, projected grand opening on 6 December) we'll start a promotions offensive, and you'll hear all about it.

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