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Seventeen and Pregnant

This week we're taking a break from our usual routine for me to attend (along with our trainee) the McDonald's "Shift Management Course" in Hamburg. For one thing I get to relive the rush-hour commute (with a possible rail strike on Thursday, yippee!), while Frauke gets to work a week of night shifts so she has afternoons free when Christopher comes home from school.

I took the equivalent course for shift management back in 1991, but I've been away too long so I need to start from scratch. There's actually very little McDonald's-specific material in the course, it's mostly about communication and leadership. Today we had a session on employment law, so now I know such things as how long a 17-year-old pregnant (in the 5th month) employee can work each day, as well as when and how long she is required to take a break. Anyone care to guess?

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