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Define Crisis

Which of the following explanations would you choose to define the term "milk crisis"?

1. There's not a single drop of milk in the house... the baby's going to starve is we don't... buy... milk.. RIGHT... NOW!!!

2. There are actually 3 liters of milk in the fridge, but since the shops are closed tomorrow, we might run out on Monday if someone happens to go on a latte macchiato binge.

This is obviously one of the many areas of disagreement in our marriage. As our ships passed in the night between shifts last Saturday, Frauke informed me that we had a "milk crisis" at home. I thought of Definition 1 (sans baby), and stocked up with 8 liters. She was actually referring to Definition 2.

As a result, a few days later we will soon be facing a "sour milk crisis", the definition of which I will leave to the reader.

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