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What Time Is It?

After my entry yesterday, here is yet another in the ongoing series "Germans are Strange and Wonderful Creatures"...

Ten days ago Europe switched back from Daylight Savings to Standard Time, turning the clocks back one hour on Sunday morning at 3 am. Our McDrive is open until 4 am on weekends, and we made the decision not to stay open an extra hour for the time change.

I had night shift that night, and I closed at 4 am DST as planned. Twenty minutes later a very angry guest pounded on our drive-thru window. It was 3:20, we should be open, and why wouldn't we serve him?

As is often the case with arrogant Germans, technically he was correct. Standard Time was in effect, the time was 3:20 am. However, it's my business and I can open and close the doors when I damn well please. I shouted politely but firmly through the closed window that we were closed, and that if he did not leave the premises in 5 minutes I would call the cops.

The angry guest then left. Being a know-it-all German means that you can often be smug about being correct, but it usually doesn't make things any better. He was still hungry.

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