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Is "Ami" an Insult?

At American im Odenwald Martina wonders why an American in Germany would name a blog AmiExpat. Isn't "Ami" an insulting term for Americans?

I've never felt insulted by the term Ami, and said so in her comments. Germans are always coming up with funny shortened names for things, like Wessi, Ossi, Sozi, Fundi. Such terms are more for bar talk than everyday speech, but I've never seen any harm in them. The split in the comments seemed to be 50-50, though, between those who felt uncomfortable with the term and those who did not.

I'm curious about it, though, so I'll ask me readers here. Is "Ami" a harmless term, or have I been being insulted all these years?

(On the other hand, I don't like the term "US-amerikanisch" to describe my nationality or my language. It'd be like referring to "European Germans".)

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