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Customer Order Display


Yesterday as part of our remodelling we installed a new drive-thru order taking system. It features a Customer Order Display, where the guest can see his order as it is being entered into our POS. We wanted to make sure it was up and running before we close the lobby for construction next week. For 10 days we will be running with drive-thru only.

The number one complaint at our and at any McDonald's is incorrect orders in drive-thru. This will eliminate one source of error, miscommunication between the guest and the order-taker. We also replaced the wireless system with improved sound quality for order taking. That should also reduce the number of errors and increase the speed of service.

Christopher and I tried it out last night, and we had a great experience! Frauke knew we were coming, though, and presented the order herself. Normally children do not get a kiss from their mother when receiving orders in our drive-thru, but Christopher did. :-)

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