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PapaScott On Tour (Not)

I had really hoped to make it to the Whiney Expat Blogger in Germany Meet-Up in Dresden this weekend. I cleared my own schedule and have the weekend off, but alas my time depends on two other schedules as well. I couldn't leave Christopher alone with Frauke on the weekend our construction starts getting serious, so we agreed that I would stay at home.

Too bad. I haven't been to Dresden since 1995, and I'm sure a lot has changed since then. And now that they've build the A14 Autobahn between Magdeburg and Dresden, it's a lot easier to get to. Google Maps says it's a 4:20 drive, and Google forgets that Germany has no speed limit.

In any case, I've tried to do some extra whining on PapaScott the past few weeks to make up for my absence. And once our McCafé is up and running, maybe we can host a mini-meetup and invite some bloggers over for coffee and cake (sometime in the first half of 2008).

In the meantime I've registered for the German WordCamp conference in Hamburg on January 27-28. One of my plugins in the German WordPress distribution, so I might still have some street cred regarding WordPress. My free time is tentative, so I might have to cancel at the last minute, but by then our business should have settled down somewhat.

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