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December Surprise

card 2007 We're absolutely unprepared for Christmas this year (it always comes so unexpectedly every December). At work we've set the Christmas party for the end of January and are calling it a "End of Year" party. People seem to have more time in for Christmas parties in January anyway.

At least I got our photo cards ready for our friends and relatives in the States (as always at the USPS Card Store, where they mail the cards for us at domestic rates). Nothing new in the card if you read PapaScott regularly, but I did come up with a couple of good lines...

After 24 years of Frauke working for McDonald's, McDonald's now works for us!

(Almost sounds like a Soviet Russia joke. :-) )

(Christopher) keeps reminding us what is really important, and makes our lives a joy (even if it is sometimes a little messy).

I now notice I have at least one typo in the final version of the printed card. That's the nice thing about the internet... you can always go back and correct your speling.

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