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Achieving z

One month after our re-opening we're very happy with the new look and the McCafé. Our customers seem to be happy with it as well. I can't talk about numbers here, so I'll use letters instead.

Our monthly sales started at a level of *x*, and in our business plan we estimated that after the remodel they would increase to *y*. After 3 to 5 years of hard work and good business practices we estimated we could achieve a level of *z*.

As of yesterday we have already achieved *z* for December 2007.

That of course does not rule out the hard work and good business practices for the future... we want *z* to be the average for all months, and not just be the best month of the year. But it's yet another sign we're moving in the right direction.

In the short run, achieving *z* when your crew schedule and logistics have been planned for *y* presents problems of its own (i.e. short of crew and low on stock).

And even when you've achieved *z* that doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels. There's always the next step, *z*+1.

And on that note... Happy New Year, everyone!

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