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Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary

This is a public service announcement for expats of the Democratic persuasion.

This year for the first time, Democrats Abroad, the overseas branch of the US Democratic Party, is offering the opportunity for expats to vote in a Global Presidential Primary from February 5 to 12 to elect 22 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. You can vote over the internet, by fax, by mail or in person. You do need to be a US citizen eligible to vote in the general election in November, and you can vote either in the Global Primary or your home state's primary, but not both.

To vote in the Global Primary, you need to join Democrats Abroad by January 31, which you can do at or at Democrats Abroad.

For equal time, there is also an organization for Republicans Abroad. However, they are not part of the Republican National Committee, so they don't elect any delegates to the Republican National Convention. But they can certainly help you get set up to participate in the nomination process in your home state.

But if you are a Republican, in all fairness, I hope that our guy (or girl) kicks your guy's butt in November.

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