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Pardon My Silence

Forgive me for not posting an update on my brother here... I mentioned his status on Twitter, but most poeple would have missed that, I guess.

He was released from the hospital last Tuesday, 29 January, a week after being admitted. With two stents freeing the arteries that caused the arrest, his heart should now be better off than before. If his heart were his only health problem, he could have returned to work this week... but instead he is resuming his chemotherapy this weekend.

Emotionally, he's still a mess, angry and frustrated with God and the world. That's understandable, I guess, but not particularly constructive.

I returned home also last Tuesday after 5 days in Minnesota. Frauke was able to handle both son and business alone for a week, and things are now normal again at home. We've had an overnight meeting at Westerland for the two of us, a short school vacation and a late birthday party for Christopher, and a small sickness wave at work. In other words, more of the usual and less of the unusual.

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