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One-Armed Bandit

Frauke had surgery on her right hand last week for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Her arm had been bothering her for a couple of months, with numbness and pins-and-needles feeling at night. After some unsuccessful local treatments, our orthopedist sent her to a neurologist who confirmed that the median nerve was indeed being pinched and that surgery would be the best option.

Our orthopedist also performed the surgery, and she's been back 3 times already for follow-up. Her right hand is still in a splint, but she was back at work the afternoon on the surgery. She says she can make a lot on add-on sales in McCafé based on sympathy. She can't drive her Touran because of the manual transmission, but has traded cars with an employee so she remains mobile.

Her hand is doing fine and is recovering on schedule. Her frustration with having to do everything left-handed is what one would expect, and we're confident that her disposition will also recover on schedule.

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