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Addition to the Family

At 8 years old, Christopher is now the perfect age to have a pet to keep him out of our hair occupied. For the past few months he's been talking about a snake, which has been gently but firmly vetoed by Mama.

We've had cats in the past, but our last cat had a little bit too much hunting instinct for Christopher's taste and he has no interest in a new one.

Now Christopher is talking about a dog. That would win over the Mama vote, and I have fond memories of the dog I had as a child. We have enough room and open space for a dog, and our nearby business means we're almost always home. Our wooden parquet floor is already all scratched all to hell, dog claws won't make it any worse. I'm slightly allergic to dogs, but that shouldn't be a problem. My experience has a child showed that the best cure is constant exposure.

Now Christopher isn't talking about just any dog, he wants a Dalmatian. Why? "They're so cute, and black and white are my favorite colors!" (N.B. Check if Christopher has inherited my color blindness.) It's worth considering, but we need to decide whether the size, energy and personality of a Dalmatian would fit into our family, or whether a mixed-breed dog from the local shelter would be better for us. That's going to take some time, and we're not going to rush into a decision. We'll visit some animal shelters and some breeders together with Christopher, and do a lot of talking about the responsibility for all us of bringing a dog into the family.

(PS This post is also a test whether MarsEdit works with the new Wordpress 2.5. Seems to work!)

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