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Open All Night... Almost

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, starting in May we are keeping the drive-thru open 24 hours on weekends. It's now the first weekend in May, so last night was our first all-nighter. But we had a problem.

Our equipment is connected to an electricity management system, where our opening hours are programmed and the largest pieces of equipment are turned on and off automatically. We had changed the weekend hours from "7 to 4" to "7 to 7", but didn't notice that the change wasn't accepted. So come 4:00 this morning, first the roof lights were shut down, then the grills. Can't sell a whole lot at night if the store is dark and you can't cook any burgers.

Checking the manual this morning, we saw that for continuous operation the times have to be entered as midnight to midnight (which to an old sys admin sounds something like the intervals in Nagios). So we're confident that this evening we'll truly be open all night. fully lit and with a full selection of products available.

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