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Frauke and the iPhone

About a month ago I bought myself an iPhone. Nothing really special about that (except that T-Mobile dropped their prices 2 days after I ordered), and I never talked about it here (although I did mention it on Twitter a few times). And I love it. Nothing special about that either.

But the moment Frauke saw it, she became insanely jealous. That is unusual. Frauke is pragmatic when it comes to technology. She's not attracted to bright shiny objects like many of us. She holds all my Apple equipment in disdain... at least she did until she saw the iPhone.

"I can use this, there's nothing new to learn. I want one."

In her corporate life Frauke was a happy Blackberry user. For a small business, however, a Blackberry mail server is not worth the bother, and with a normal IMAP or POP account you lose all the sync benefits. We decided to put our mail domain on Google. Frauke got an MDA Vario II smartphone, but she never really used it for mail. Other than contacts and calendar, she never used any of the "smart" features.

CIMG0848Coincidentally, a couple of days after she saw my iPhone her MDA hat a close encounter with the edge of the dress table in the restaurant kitchen. It's an occupational hazard. Frauke has bruises on her hip more often than not. This time her smartphone took the impact.

She didn't even wait for a repair estimate. We bought out the remaining 17 months on her MDA contract and ordered her iPhone. With the reduced price plus the penalty, she paid about the same as the old price I paid a month ago. Last week (after some aggravation with T-Mobile's activation server) we synced the calendar and contacts from Outlook (useless as a mail client but nice for storing sync data) and away she went.

She had no problems learning to use the on-screen keyboard. Her only complaint is with the spell checker, but I think that's aggravating for everyone at first. It's the first cell phone she's been able to use right away.

After seeing some blog entries (e.g. vowe or Daring Fireball) about iPhone making inroads among business users, I thought I'd report that at least this business user is happy with hers.

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