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Signs on the Autobahn

This week we installed signs on the Autobahn A1 a couple of km on either side of the Dibbersen exit. So whether you are coming from Bremen or from Hamburg and you didn't know about our McDonald's in Dibbersen, you will now.

German restrictions on such signs are very strict, so compared to what you see on American interstates, the signs are small, low to the ground, and set quite far from the highway. They also are not cheap; we need a dozen additional guests each day for the signs to be worth the cost. If the past couple of days are any indication, the signs seem to be working, although business could also be up as a result of the cooler weather and the Euro promotion that just started (mmmm, mini-schnitzels).

It's very difficult to take a picture of a small sign from a moving car, so for now I have to settle for showing the digital proof.

A1 Signage for Dibbersen

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