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Poor Reception

Frauke has the sometimes annoying characteristic of using her accelerator as a stress-relief device. If, for whatever reason, she become angry or frustrated while driving, she steps on the accelerator and drives faster. In certain situations this can be counter-productive, for example, when she's having trouble finding her destination. She can't find the place she's looking for, she gets mad, steps on the gas, and drives right on past.

When this happens, I've learned through experience that it's best not to say anything, since in these situations Frauke is not very receptive to suggestions.

I was rudely reminded this morning of the relationship between receptiveness and technology this morning at 4 am. Our security company called and spoke on the answering machine, which is integrated in our telephone. Frauke wanted to return the call, but in her just-awakened-state was unable to locate the number in the phone, and called for me to find it for her (as if my just-awakened-state would be any clearer).

Our Siemens phone stores incoming numbers in various places, depending on whether the call was taken, missed, or a message was left. In this case, to get the number one has to first listen to the message. Since Frauke wasn't interested in the message, only the number, she was unable to find it in her 4 am state of mind.

Now if the call had come in on her iPhone, she would have had a much easier time finding the number. The iPhone interface is better for poor reception.

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