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Call Me A Fool

German Joys (responding to the Spiegel article last week on Beta Bloggers) on why Germans are such poor bloggers. Point 1:

1. A national culture of modesty that frowns upon too much self-expression. Americans have the advantage here. They're hardly afraid of looking like fools, and like to talk about themselves.

Herr Lumma will be interested in point 4:

4. Germany's hierarchical, party-driven, elite-dominated political structure doesn't foster the belief that ordinary citizens can meaningfully change government policies ... there is no critical mass of people who consider the Internet a tool for positive political mobilization (rather than ranting), [thus] there is no real incentive to try to form mass movements or raise large amounts of money on-line

As for me, I'll try to take point 1 more to heart and play the fool here more often.

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