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Passport Renewal

chrpass_thumb.jpgIt's now been six years since we submitted the application, took the pictures, and obtained Christopher's US passport. That means the passport expired nearly a year ago, and it's time to apply for a new one before we visit the States this Christmas.

I found the rules online, and have the forms completed and the documents gathered. Two things have changed since last time. For one, the consulate in Hamburg no longer processes passports, so we have to go to either Berlin or Bremen. Secondly, if both parents don't appear in person, the written consent of the missing parent must be notarized. I don't want to trouble Frauke to come along, but I have no idea what they need for a notary (it's not the same as a German Notar). (The consulate will notarize her consent for free, but that kind of defeats the purpose of saving Frauke the trip.)

Of course Christopher has school now every day, and the passport office is only open during the week, so it looks like the three of us will be taking a road trip to Bremen one day during fall school vacation in October.

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