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Oslo Cruise

Noone solved the riddle of our weekend destination in my last post. Indeed, noone even seemed to recognize that it was a riddle. Frauke, Christopher and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in a suite on the MS Color Fantasy, a ferry that shuttles between Kiel and Oslo.


It was similar to the trip we took a year ago last spring, except then we departed from Copenhagen with the Danish DFDS, and this time from Kiel with the Norwegian Color Line. We left Friday afternoon, arrived in Oslo Saturday morning for a quick 4 hour stay, just enough time for the Fram museum, the Holmenkollen ski jump, and the Vigeland Park).


We arrived back in Kiel Sunday morning. We waited a couple of hours before heading home as all roads to Lüllau were closed for the Cyclassics race. We went to the beach at Laboe, checked out the WWII U-Boat and checked out the Marine Biology Station, a small Baltic aquarium and learning center we can highly recommend.

We then arrived home to find our door blocked with flowers. I guess that was the revenge for us leaving the country without telling our employees where we were going. :-)



A personal note for my family... aboard the Fram we noticed a framed copy of the Christmas menu from 1893. Our Norwegian is not very good, but it was good enough to recognize that there is no lutefisk! The museum did have a number of empty aquavit bottles from the ship, though.


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