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Vintage Expats

Last weekend I was finally able to attend the annual Whiny Expat Blogger Meetup, organized the past 4 years by J. Good thing, since when we were voting on the location it was my idea to stuff the ballot box for Bremen so we'd finally have a northern location. So while most folks had to travel for hours to arrive, I could just hop on the Metronom for a 45 minute train trip.

Claire organized the details in Bremen and did a wonderful job, even preparing little welcome kits for us all. She herded our group of 25 (including strollers) through the city, parked us on the Weser riverbank to enjoy the sun for lunch, and reserved excellent places for dinner and for Sunday brunch. She didn't plan the excursion to the back room of a gay bar Saturday night, that just happened.

Our foreign experience ranged from brand-new to old-hat, so we had people all along the 5 stages of being an expat. We old-timers couldn't promise the newcomers that things would get better with time, but we could reassure them that they would eventually get used to it (final stage: acceptance).

I'm horrible at names, so I won't try to mention everyone I met, and I know I didn't get the chance to talk to everyone. I will mention Adam and Mausi, both of whom I've read for ages and I was finally able to meet. Most people seem to be shy about their names, so I'll just say it was nice meeting you all, and I've added your blogs to my feed reader. And I hope to see you all next time, be it in Berlin or Regensburg, or wherever.

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