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Easy Morning for Free

Next Tuesday, in a promotion in the "so crazy it has to work" category, we hope to give away 1000 McMuffins between 6:00 and 10:30 am in a promotion we call Easy Morning for Free. The daily HAN newspaper in Hamburg-Harburg will be printing a coupon on page 1 of their Monday edition that is good for a McMuffin Bacon & Egg and a coffee, which we usually sell for 1.99€. Here's the teaser report from last Thursday, (also as pdf).


This is part of a series of free promotions in the HAN, and their readers have lined up in the past for free car washes, cheese from the farmers' market, or cake at a café. The top number so far was 1000 coupons, and we'd love to match that, although there are a couple of limiting factors for us (breakfast ends at 10:30, we're not reachable by public transit, and we certainly don't have 1000 parking places). But even if we "only" give away 300 McMuffins, that's still more than double our usual breakfast guest count.

The idea, of course, is to promote our new breakfast offerings which made their debut in northern Germany on September 9 (and coming to the rest of Germany in the coming months). I'll write more about how breakfast is working for us later.

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