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Yes We Can in 2036

Christopher followed the US election campaign quite closely, and was a staunch supporter of Obama. He kept informed with the children's news program Logo on KiKa and made sure he didn't miss any US news when they showed up on the adult news programs. He told us to wake him up this morning with the result was know, and we all three watched Obama's victory speech at 6am German time.

Christopher is especially fascinated by Obama's heritage. He is aware of race is the naive way we wish children would never outgrow. Brown skin is just fine with him, since his best friend Ergin in kindergarten was Turkish and also had brown skin. The past couple of weeks we've had a mixture of brown and white eggs in our refrigerator. Christopher dubbed them Obama eggs and McCain eggs, and made sure we ate the McCain eggs first. Our egg tray is now 100% for Obama.


Christopher is also aware of Obama's mixed parentage, an American and a non-American, and that this is a trait the two share. For now anyway, Christopher wants to follow in Obama's footsteps. His career goal of the moment is to become President of the United States, and as a natural born US citizen, he meets the basic qualification. His previous career goal was Chief Designer for LEGO Group in Denmark, and maybe he will find a way to combine the two goals.


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